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Azlanz Rainbow Group

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Noah Cruz
Noah Cruz


This director kindly adhered to my requests and made something quite conceptual, swiping through the scenes and even having me swipe through different outfits and positions in the video. Datuk Seri Veda was also shot with that iconic Missy Elliot camera angle. The epic fisheye lens pays tribute to the culture and the great directors of hip-hop, so we just wanted to make a fun and exciting music video.


The meaning of the song "Swipe" by ALYPH is that one should not hesitate when it comes to deciding what one likes and not likes. The song encourages listeners to make decisions confidently and to trust their intuition. The chorus repeats "Aku ada type, kalau aku like, aku like, kalau tak aku swipe," which translates to "I have a type, if I like, I like, if not, I just swipe." This implies that if one is not particularly interested in something, they should be able to quickly dismiss it and move on. The song further emphasizes the importance of staying true to one's self and recognizing one's worth, as opposed to giving in to the pressure of society and outside expectations. 041b061a72


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