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Pretty famous guy, this Jesus brother.

If you grew up in the West, there isn't much about our society that this one person's life didn't end up greatly impacting.  Definitely worth looking into, if nothing else to understand the water you swim in better.

If you didn't grow up in the Western world, I bet you know a good thing or two about this homeless Jew who lived all that time ago.  And you may be surprised by how the same white light source can be recognized as underlying the color of Jesus' life as well as the colors of the Masters you grew up knowing.

Various levels of familiarity with Christianity will have the option to take divergent paths later on in our Choose Your Own Adventure.  And never fear, cos the thing about all true paths?  They end up becoming One in the end.

But let's get some things clear, cos Hollywood has done a poor job of portraying this legend.

Was he tame?  Shy?  Boring?  White-washed?  Zombified?

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Just to be clear, he didn't look like this:                                                                               

Although this last 

one is trippy, click

here to find out why

or this: 

or this: 

Jesus' rebellion was against the Man, and it was the Man that killed him.  Jesus was boundary-transcending, and the ones who built their lives on the foundation of Self-Other walls didn't dig him dropping paradigm bombs that equalized them with those who they considered lesser. 

- At the time the Jews thought they were the only chosen ones and that the Gentiles were animals. 

Jesus be like, "neeeeope." - Matthew 15:21-28; Luke 7:1-10

- At the time men didn't talk to women, who were seen as inferior.  Particularly slutty Gentile women.

Jesus be like, "neeeeope." - John 4:4-26

- At the time the religious snobs were piling rules on the normal peeps, claiming to be super holy and special.

Jesus be like, "neeeeope." - Matthew 23:4

Jesus chilled with the homeless, the drunkards, the thieves, the shady girls, the rough boyz.  His robes certainly weren't always white.

K so Jesus was a gnarly non-conformist who ushered in radical societal reform and equalization.  And check this out:

Jesus' worldview was next level, and the stuff he said about the nature of reality sure isn't being embraced by the majority of the church today.  What did he say?

- That we can move stuff with our minds and faith - Mark 11:23

- We can walk on water - Matthew 14:22 -23

- That we are all one and that God lives in us and in a way, we are gods - John 17:21-23 and John 10:34

- We should forget survival of the fittest and this dog-eat-dog nonsense and ditch all our stuff to see how radically God will provide for us - Matthew 19:21

- That we should chiiiiiiill, seriously chiiiiiill.  It's all good, hakuna matata vibes - Matthew 6:25 - 34

- That reality is paradoxical: there is a subtle and eternal reality that is the opposite of what most peeps think - Matthew 20:16

- There are layers to things that only certainly people can understand, and the rest pass over.  It's designed that way.  So is speech...and this website - Mark 4:12 and Matthew 7:6 (although he doesn't directly site Azlanz Rainbow :) 

Wanna take the plunge down Jesus' rabbit hole?

Where are you at right now with all this?

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