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Learn Software Testing with Ron Patton's Second Edition Book (PDF)

the self-taught software tester: a step by step guide to learn software testing using real-life project author: chhavi raj dosajpublication year: 2020 get a copy: amazon many software testers have become professionals after they learned by themselves how to test software. there are several different information sources for beginners to gain knowledge from and could help you start working in the software testing industry. this great book is definitely one of them. in the first half of the book, you will learn comprehensive background information on software testing, while the second half will guide you in a real-life testing project. if you are looking for the first role of qa testers, this is your starting point.

Software Testing Second Edition By Ron Patton Pdf Download

buddha in testing: finding peace in chaos author: pradeep soundararajanpublication year: 2020 get a copy: amazon the first sentence on the back of the book says a testers mind is never at rest. and thats true. a qa tester is a complex role that requires consistent communication with multiple people and departments. the book, which is written by a very experienced software tester with over 16 years of experience, can help you overcome these challenges and issues that testers are facing on a regular basis.

  hands-on software testing is an easy to follow book, not just for beginners but also for experienced testers. although the book has a linux version, it covers various testing topics including testing without a gui, ux testing, unit testing, regression testing, and security testing. in the book, the authors introduce the readers to various testing topics and tools. it is recommended that you read the book to get a complete idea of testing. it is also a great book for testers who would like to know more about the process of testing.


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