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Subtitle Seal Team 6 The Raid On Osama Bin Lade...

If you are interested in the subject, for a TV movie this isn't bad at all. It is quite a comprehensive look at the hunt and capture of Osama.Compared to Zero Dark Thirty, it shows things from more points of view, namely from the seals training and the ground work of the agents on the ground in Abbottobad. Also the picture of the gun confirming identity is interesting. The post scripts at the end are interesting too.There are a couple of faults: some of the diversions about the seal's personal lives seem unnecessary. Also the blurry cam view of the attack on the compound are irritatingly unclear.Don't understand the very negative reviews of this movie. It can't fail to be interesting given the subject matter and good production values. Even in Zero Dark Thirty things were a bit slow till the raid started so it's not fair to fault this one for being boring.Overall well done.

subtitle Seal Team 6 The Raid on Osama Bin Lade...


This is inevitably the type of film that brings a lot of criticism. Yes it was low budget, yes it was TV movie or the same production value of it but that can make for some really crappy films and this was actually very entertaining. Factually accurate? Likely not even remotely close. Although it does use some of the more commonly accepted facts of the infamous situation. The acting is good but certainly not great but the pseudo-documentary feel works well and the action scenes are well executed. The film builds a lot of tension throughout as you anxiously await the final raid that kills Osama Bin Laden. The final raid is done very well and is satisfying to the utmost. I was really hesitant to watch this because I am so tired of low budget, cheesy fluff and this seemed like a complete knock off of Zero Dark Thirty (which I have not seen yet but am dying too!) So this one was a very nice surprise. It isn't perfect and it isn't going to blow you away but anyone going in this with high expectations clearly doesn't watch a lot of movies. TV/Second string actors, straight to video release just prior to a full Hollywood production based on the same subject matter...anyone who expected this to be huge will be mistaken. But entertaining? Absolutely.The film really is all about the team. There is no one performance that is really focused on. Everyone sort of supports the story and that works well for the film, although no one really gets to stand out because of this and then in the same boat no one drags it down either. I enjoy Cam Gigandet whenever I see him in things. He's always a background player and that works for him. He's good in the movie as the team leader though he seems very young (which they do make note of.) He isn't star power by any means but he does alright. Anson Mount probably gives one of the best performances in the film as Cherry. He has some really emotional scenes and the tension between him and Gigandet's Stunner makes for some very good drama. Freddy Rodríguez and Xzibit round out the Seal Team and they are good but basically just background characters to fill the team. Kathleen Robertson plays essentially the same role as Jessica Chastain does in the Hollywood counterpart. Robertson is okay but she certainly shows a lack of experience. She just feels too green to pull off the role. Two of my favourite Prison Break alumni's Robert Knepper and William Fichtner are both really good in their perspective roles. I was really impressed by Knepper who I've only seen in creepy killer roles. He actually gave a subtle and powerful performance as the teams Commander. Eddie Kaye Thomas played a good role although his introduction on screen was odd because he had no lines in a scene with him, Fichtner, and Robertson where he stands there and nods looking awkward.I think given a director with a little more experience and talent this might have actually been nearly theatre worthy. However, I understand that a budget can only go so far and I believe this was made very cheaply. Editing is lacking severely at times, the acting is good but not great but realistically this is a perfectly entertaining film and a good holdover until Zero Dark Thirty. I don't think this was ever meant to be a critically acclaimed historically accurate picture but rather just something to entertain and it does that well. 7/10

SHAHZAD JAMIL: [subtitles] This will have consequences. I am a tribal leader. I'm very influential. If my tribe learns about this, they will be so angry with these people. Just as they raided an innocent village, the whole of Afghanistan is innocent. There is nothing here, nothing.

KHALID AMIN: [subtitles] This is Juma Khan, one of our distinguished commanders. He was killed on the front line. This is Maulvi Jabar, our district chief. He was killed with 30 others in a night raid. When he died, the enemy said the Taliban was finished here. But three months later, our Islamic emirate is still strong. We have many more fighters than back then.

KHALID AMIN: [subtitles] These night raids cannot annihilate us. We want to die anyway, so those destined for martyrdom will die in the raids and the rest will continue to fight without fear. 041b061a72


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