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In 855,[1] Eivor attended a feast organized by her father to honor Styrbjorn and pledge allegiance to the jarl. Eivor presented Styrbjorn a gifted arm ring at her parents' behest, but halfway through the celebration, the settlement was raided by Kjotve of the Wolf Clan. Eivor watched as her father put down his axe at Kjotve's insistence that his family and clan would be spared if he gave his life willingly, leading to both his and Rosta's deaths.[5]

Life Tragedies Life Tragedies Mod (01...


Eivor witnessed Bjarke beat Gull into submission and taunted him that Gull wouldn't be able to lead the way to the treasure if she was dead. The thrall cried out when Bjarke grabbed her, "The King's desire lies at Himinbjörg, where Heimdall dwells". When Bjarke had enough of her rambling, he went to beat her again, before Eivor tackled him to the ground to rescue her. Bjarke was dumbfounded that the Viking would protect the one who betrayed her, but easily tossed her off. Towards the mouth of the cave, she tumbled, gripping the ledge for her life. At this moment, the temple's foundations weakened scaring the two members of the Wolf Clan, Bjarke and Erland. While their attention was diverted by the sudden disruption, Eivor snuck up behind Bjarke and stabbed him through the back of the head with a sword.[13]

She then turned to fight the other warrior, but in her weakened state, he pushed her to the ground. Looking upon a painting of Himinbjörg on the wall, Eivor recalled Gull's rambling and kicked the wall, destroying the rotten wood. Behind it lyed Heimdall's treasure, a mountain of gold coins and other riches, with a pedestal on which rested an Apple of Eden, at its top. As Eivor reached for it, she was thrown to the ground again by Erland, claiming that the treasure belonged to Kjotve. She remarked that Kjotve was nowhere to be seen and kicked her opponent off the treasure pile, sending him and the other thugs through the weakened floorboards to their deaths. Gull grabbed the glowing artifact and stood up, no longer the cowering slave. Calling out to her, Gull's response to Eivor was: "That is not my name. And this is not my life." She tore off her slave collar to reveal a strange mass of dark veins on her neck.[13]

Later, Eivor arrived at Alrekstad where she met a woman, unsatisfied with her sex-life, who asked for her aid. Eivor broke objects around the house to simulate a raid, which turned the woman's husband on and successfully helping the couple. In return, Eivor was granted access to a chest.[24]

Some time later, Eivor received a letter from her scout Norvid that the legendary Bjorn Bloodtooth was spotted near Norwich. Making her way into East Anglia to offer a place in Ravensthorpe to him, she arrived at the cave where Bjorn had been sighted, seeing him surrounded by several corses. Not wanting anything but revenge, the berserker decided to think on if he wanted to join Ravensthorpe and sent Eivor to help his adopted polar bear Njal catch fish. Following the bear out of the cave, she aided in catching some fish for Njall. Suddenly several Saxon soldiers came out of the bushes, thinking that Eivor was Bjorn, and initiated an attack. Hearing the commotion, Bjorn joined Eivor and killed the couple Saxon soldiers left. After the fighting was over Bjorn explained to Eivor how he and his wife Alfhild sought a peaceful life in England, a Mercian lord learnt of Bjorn's deeds and wanted to challenged him in battle. Björn refused and in retaliation the lord hung Björn's wife. Bjorn still wanted revenge and Eivor agreed to join him. Wanting to be berserk while fighting he sent Eivor to pick up some nightshade for the berserker brew.[65]

Eivor then spoke with her sister-in-law Randvi, who was bored of being trapped in her room and unsatisfied with her current life. Eivor offered to help by taking her to Grantebridge. After riding through the countryside, the pair arrived in Grantebridge, where they entered the longhouse and met with Magni, as Soma was gone in Oxenfordscire. Eivor learned that while she was gone, a group of bandits were attacking Magni's merchants. Eivor offered to help, with Randvi vounteering to join her. After dealing with the bandit camp and reporting back to Magni, the two participated in a drinking game against each other before bidding fairwell to the Summer Army and traveling northward to Besuncen Tor, a tower that Sunniva had told Randvi about. After displaying slight jealousness towards Soma, Randvi climbed the tower. Eivor met her at the top, where Randvi revealed that she had developed feelings for the Viking. After a nap together, Eivor woke up and gained a pair of Huntsman Vambraces from underneath the tower before returning to Ravensthorpe, not revealing Randvi's secret to anybody.[69]

Sigurd called for a parlay and walked to to the King of Wessex peacefully. Eivor, Basim, and Geadric followed, entering Alfred's camp stationed outside the castle walls. Eivor watched as Sigurd attempted to get Alfred to leave Mercia, though did not succeed. Sigurd proceeded to take Basim's recommendation and offered to make a trade with Alfred to prove peace and get Alfred to leave Mercia. The king agreed, sending a soldier named Wolfrich while Basim offered himself, appearing to have a plan up his sleeve. However, just before the deal was sealed, Fulke bursted into the tent, rushing to King Alfred's side and revealing her true allegiance. She requested to take Sigurd instead, knowing of his past life. Eivor drew her axe, but was stopped by her brother, who agreed to the deal. Alfred, however, put Sigurd under Fulke's care, further angering Eivor and Basim. After the trade, Eivor followed Basim out of the tent, speaking one last time with Geadric before returning home to Ravensthorpe. [92]

Eivor arrived at Folcanstan and found Basim and Cynebert talking. Eivor told the abbot of the chosen man, Tedmund, to which Cynebert reacted grievingly, revealing that he had wanted to gain the new ealdorman's influence. They planned to capture Tedmund in order to potray themselves as saviors. However, Cynebert mentioned that Tedmund had been hiding in Rouecistre Fortress in self-exile. Basim stated otherwise, revealing that Tedmund was at a mill called Beamasfield, overlooking Alfred's lumber production. Eivor and Basim rode together to the wood mill, with Basim telling Eivor the story of "The Scorpion and the Frog" along the way. The two found Tedmund and tied him up. Eivor carried the thegn back to Cynebert, who had arrived with a group of soldiers. Upon threatening him, however, they realized that this had not been Tedmund, but rather a decoy named Shergar. Fearful for his life, Shergar led Eivor and Basim to a nearby camp of Danes which he had previously ordered to be taken over. They had arrived at the camp but were too late. After handling the Saxon captain, Eivor freed Runa Egilsdottir, who appeared to be the leader of the dead Danes. Runa willfully accepted Eivor's request to storm Rouecistre, and left to find her fleet. Eivor also sent a message to Geadric in Oxenfordscire for backup. At the end of the night, Eivor and Basim shared a moment of bonding, as Basim began to speak of his past life and the tragedy that took his family away. [95]

Eivor made her way to the castle, where she handled some guards and found an underground tunnel, leading to her Galwyna, one of Acha's healers, who had been standing aside the lifeless body of ealdorman Hundbeorht. Eivor questioned the woman before setting off to tell Hunwald of his father's fate. Eivor grabbed the late ealdorman's brooch, which he gave to Hunwald as he received the news in the town hall. Hunwald started crying as Acha comforted him. Determined to establish a new ealdorman, Eivor asked Herefrith what would happen, to which he informed Eivor that a new ealdorman was to be chosen by King Ceolwulf after a vote from the people of the shire in an event known as a shiremoot. Eivor learned that both Aelfgar and Herefrith would be running for ealdorman.[110]

Eivor felt a compulsion to go back to Asgard, which she followed, drinking the Asgard potion once again. After his adventures in Jotunheim, Havi was greeted by the dwarf Ivaldi who gifted him a forged cord called Gleipnir. Afterwards, Havi found Týr and the two planned to use the cord to imprison Loki's son Fenrir, which they did successfully, with Týr losing his arm in the process.[149] Before the end of the saga, Havi received a vision from the Nornir, explaining that he had successfully avoided his fate, and will be reborn in another lifetime as Eivor.[150] After her time as Havi, Eivor awoke once more and told Valka of her visions before continuing her adventures in England.

Back at Odin's Rest, Eivor spoke with Sunniva, who mentioned that Trygve had no intention to be jarl. Nearby, Eivor watched an argument between Vili and Trygve, with the latter wanting to end his life, deeming himself too unfit and fragile to rule. As she spectated, Odin appeared beside her once more, telling her to claim the shire for herself. She refused, pointing out the pros and cons of both men as jarls. After eventually ending the argument, Eivor left and meditated.[162]

Eivor then set off to assassinate Selwyn, who was in the town market. At the market, Eivor found Selwyn along with an executioner preparing to kill a man named Hubert and his wife Leona. Eivor watched as Selwyn reprimanded the two for speaking against Bishop Ealhferth and thus King Alfred. After the executioner chopped off Hubert's head, Eivor made her move and assassinated Selwyn. In her visions, Eivor was joined by Odin once more. A tree with a noose lowered behind Selwyn, and after a tense confrontation, Selwyn was hung. Eivor retrieved the Order medallion and returned to real life, finishing the guards before leaving.[167]

At Melun, Eivor celebrated with the townsfolk but noticed Sigfred's attitude about the victory. Confronting him, she and Sigfred debated over the next step in life as he questioned whether Valhalla existed. While he wanted to renege on the truce, Eivor opposed his ideas as he stormed off. Back at the Burial Mounds, she followed Sigfred as he challenged her to fight and kill him. Realizing the turmoil inside him, Eivor decided Sigfred's fate as he ultimately left the leadership of the clan to Toka. She soon met with Toka and discussed the change in leadership and a new future for her clan. Within moments, Eivor was informed by Pierre that Odo called for her about Richardis' safety.[212] 041b061a72


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