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RAD Soldiers UPD

Use the outrageous special abilities of your mighty mercs to turn the tide of battle and come up with hilarious new ways to leave your opponents eating your shrapnel/bullets/dust. Level up your squad as you play to master new abilities and use the spoils of war to unlock brand-new soldiers, weapons, and outfits.

RAD Soldiers

RAD Soldiers is compatible with its iOS counterpart, so if you already play RAD Soldiers on your iPhone or iPad, you can use that same WarChest account in the PC version, sharing your soldiers and game progress.

The squad points in RAD Soldiers is a balancing factor to avoid overpowering of characters or weapons. However, you will have to use it to your advantage. Always get the best weapon and fill up those points. This means that you should never go in with only 2 soldiers in 14 point games. And never leave any point unused for your team and weapon setup.

RAD Soldiers currently do not have that many maps yet. Take the time to learn where and how you can move your soldiers and take cover in each of the positions. Your goal is to place your characters correctly in their spots to deal damage while taking less fire.

Medic class is extremely important in RAD Soldiers. Without medic, your team can be worn out quite fast with hit&run tactics. You will need at least one tactic on your team to keep yourself healed up during tough situations. Kate is one of the better medic to use in RAD soldiers because of her gas grenade ability.

One of the most deadly damage output that you can do in RAD Soldiers is equipping your light class with melee weapons. Light weight class soldiers can move to enemies quite fast with 12 moves. You can then dish out awesome damage with the melee weapons. Your goal is to get close and one shot kill the enemy.

Good use of energy is key to winning. Learn the different sizes of your soldiers and use energy accordingly. Plan your walking spaces plus shots fired or medic. Your goal is to dish out the most damage possible. However, sometimes it may be helpful to spare some energy to move back into your cover.

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