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Wísdöm SchóòL


1. Kids:

We know you care about the future, we know you care about your genetic line. 

We know you don't think the school system teaches us what we most need to know about life.  Here's your collaborative space to contribute to the formation of You 2.0.



2. Written: Rich Frontiers of Knowledge:

Expand your horizons with our free exploratory education: Mystical Psychosis, Revolutionary Jesus, Altered States of Consciousness, Lucid Dreaming

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Do you realize that society is just mutual consensus?  Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

In a world of isolated individualism, individual cells are meeting up every full moon to form organs of change to revitalize the communal body that is humanity, and enjoy the adventure in being individually revitalized.  At bonfires, in living rooms, coffee shops, and...exactly where you are right now...members of our international community are getting together to share existence, and architecturally reconstruct it. 


Here in San Diego, California we meet at beach bonfires on the Saturday closest to the full moon to talk about deep existential topics of meaning and truth, entrepreneurial ventures, societal transformation, and spiritual insight.  Ours is what we make it; yours will be what you make it.  At ours we choose to have guitars, drums, art displays, white board mindmaps, lamps, live social media feeds, and cycled videos of our members' passions and ventures played through the internet TV we set up on the beach.  Click "Go to the Fire Now" to explore more.

Please join us on this adventure to re-integrate the social and natural realms, and redesign your life.  Hold your own gathering and send us a video!  You will become honorary members of our international contingent, with timestamps on your submissions that will serve you well later.

What say you??

4. Videos:

Click here to imbibe the wisdom in moving pixel format:


5. Forum:

Contribute to the ongoing and collaborative discussion here: 


6. Daily Paradigm Shift Reading:

Click the blox to reconstruct your phenomenological reality: 

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