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Visionary Maps

Woah, you're cracking the code, love it!  This is a map highlighting patterns that are one layer deeper than the surface level.  Good on ya for not judging a book by its cover!

This is an invitation to explore this similar mode of thinking and pattern recognition in both everyday life, as well as the Bible.  You may be surprised at the infinite color that emerges as you connect the Word/Logos dots.

Because of your discernment, we are extending the privelege of Adding Your Name to our Hall of Vision.  Congratulations.  It's an unchanging list in which you get assigned a number according to the order in which people before you have cracked the code.  And in true paradoxical, servant-hearted fashion, it's those with the smallest numbers who have the largest vision.

You're an asset to the world, keep shining!

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