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A hearty congratulations on having eyes that see and a mind that comprehends that there is hidden depth everywhere.


From the beginning of The Power of Paradox, there were subtle clues to the leading of the light that then got clearer as time and understanding progressed.  The light illuminates what has been placed there, and then it takes action on our part to dig up the treasure.  Some treasures result in deeper understanding, others in choice of experience.  There are patterns to determine which is which, as well as other things, but increasing subtlty requires increased discernment.  

Life is like this.  We are missing opportunities to click everywhere, often in the places we are conditioned to overlook, including the Bible and ancient treasures that speak of the perennial truth right in front of our eyes.

God meets us in everyday life.  Jesus told us straight, "He is not the God of the dead, but of the living. You are badly mistaken” (Mark 12:27).  When the layers of enchanted reality that are waiting for you to interact with them come to life, we too will become creatures of life and not of death.

I love being on this journey with you my fellow coalescences of


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