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Might be.

But check out the insights gained from: 

Quantum Physics: Light photons behave differently, taking on the form of particles or waves, depending on whether or not they are being watching.

Botony: plants stress out if we think about burning them.

Daily Life: Can your sad thoughts produce tears?  No?  Never mind (ya heart of steel)

                                                                                     Yes?  That's your mind integrating with matter

Medical Science: The placebo effect, believing something will cure you causing the cure, is extremely well-documented in science

Phenomenology: Do you think you're seeing the world of matter?  Not really.  You're seeing hallucinations created by your visual cortex that represent the outside world.  The color purple is just your body's response to a certain wavelength of light.  What's more, your brain (the thalumus) filters out the vast majority of the stimuli reaching you.  Not hearing the ticking clock any more?  Exactly. 


So while quantum physics shows that mind is ontologically integrated with matter, your brain's filtering process shows how mind is phenomenologically integrated with matter. 

This physical screen is the integration of our two minds with matter.

The integration will continue.  See how it does in your daily life and check back here for more once the ticking of the clock allows for more manifestation of mind.

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