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Guys society is just mutual consensus; it can be anything we collaboratively agree on.

The only reason we're still ingrained in a dog-eat-dog, survival of the fittest, competitive mentality is cos we've been socialized and educated to believe that's the way it is.  This primitive approach to reality may have worked in the past, and right now it works for the top 1%.  Yet by collaborating instead of competing, we can perform not only harmoniously, but more optimally, as the various parts of one body are all one and yet specialized.

This is a marketplace of ideas, of mutual entrepreneurial projects, of symbiotic exchange and synergy.  Everything here is open to conversation.  You can choose to exchange products for products, money for products, services for services etc.  The sky is the limit.

Feel free to post your products, entrepreneurial projects, and services.

It has begun; feel free to make society your own!

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1. Products

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2. Entrepreneurial Ventures

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Previously Submitted Options

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Augmented Reality Tours of Local City

We have an app developer in our community who can make AR apps.  Let's create AR portals through local streetart in our towns that links to messages.  These messages engage the adventurer on a quest that leads to local businesses who have opted in to provide free/discounted products in exchange for the referrals our app will bring in.  It'll open people's eyes so that they see their city, show them there is meaning and community hidden everywhere, connect members of this larger network, and make people more invested in their cities.  We'd make mad cash cos we have the platform.  What do you think?


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