The Unveiled Dimension

This is where we start to map out the metaphysical terrain of the realm we all know exists

Oct 27

Basis of reality, Awareness, being, presence, what is...what the f- we are going to need an “operational definition” on this one, before any of us discourse on metaphysics for real
Jul 16

...the concept of the "abler soul"—when two souls come together to form something greater. Cynthia addresses some misconceptions of Jesus as a teacher and the path that brought her to Centering Pray
Jul 3

Excerpts from his novel ”From the dust returned” War, what for? No need, boy listen now, let me provide the history of the rising tide of disbelief...So Christians and Muslims confront a world torn by
Jul 22

Nothing is sound ( song title ) lyrics:
Jul 8

In every department of human life the same process is at work, that which lives and grows necessitating the dissolution and removal of that which is useless and corrupt. In this view of it, the proces
Jun 18, 2017

Ok there is another REALM that exists! And the crazy thing is that cultures have always known this! How do they keep a lid on it?! Oh the power of propaganda! You can access this realm through: Psyc