Jul 1

From the fiction of Ray Bradbury: history of the rising tide of disbelief


Excerpts from his novel ”From the dust returned”


War, what for? No need, boy listen now, let me provide the history of the rising tide of disbelief...So Christians and Muslims confront a world torn by many wars finalized yet a larger... does the unholy or holy wIn? Our public answer is neither none or what?


Not only is Jesus lonely and Nazareth in ruins, but the population at large believes in Nothing. There is no room for either glorious or terrible. We are in danger, too, trapped in the tomb with an uncrucified Carpenter, blown away with the burning bush as the easts black cubicle cracks its mortar and falls.


The world is at war. they do not name us the enemy, no, for that would give us flesh and substance. You must see the face of the mask in order to strike through one to deface the other.


They war against us by pretending, no, assuring each other we have no flesh and substance. It is a figment war.


And if we believe as these disbelievers believe, we will flake our bones to litter the winds.



Once the war was simply between Christians and Muslims and ourselves as long as they believed in their sermonEd lives, and disbelieved in us, we had more than a mythical flesh. We had something to fight for to survive.


But now that the world is filled with warriors who do not attack, but simply turn away or walk through us, who do not even argue us as half unreal, we find ourselves weaponless.


One more tidal wave of neglect will blow out our candles. A dust storm of sorts will sneeze across the world and our family will be no more.


Destroyed by a single phrase which, if listen to and leaned on, simply says: “you do not exist you did not exist, you never were.”

I think the next dimension would include Bradbury‘s mythical character’s perspective...

Jul 1

Powerful! What people group does the speaker represent? See how it talks about the power in putting real faces and personalities to abstract religions that have been demonized? This is what we do in our in-person and online communities, and at the last in-person Gathering they were 6+ faiths represented. Jesus welcomed the Jews, the Greeks, the Samaritans, and the ostracized. This is true Christianity.

Bradbury, wrote the American classic, Fahrenheit 451, his audience / his books could include past American generations, and maybe more to come (unless we stop reading books all together)

I shared these quotes because they summarize how perhaps ideas and even paradigms could come back to life, also how we can create a world unseen with each other in a healthy and productive way...

Jul 3

That’s right man! And with you posting this you’re already contributing to that! Everything is recorded, everything is recorded.

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