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...in the changing fashions of our theology...


In every department of human life the same process is at work, that which lives and grows necessitating the dissolution and removal of that which is useless and corrupt. In this view of it, the process is a necessary part of the fulfillment of the Divine order on the side of progress and improvement. It is beneficent.


That which so often makes it seem other than beneficent--and this too has to be recognized as a fact--is the redundancy of vested interests--it is that in so many instances the interests and affections of men and nations are linked rather with what may have been once good than with that which being better is destined to dissolve and to replace it.


This is why destruction which goes along with creation is so often a painful and terrible experience. It is not unfortunate or unnecessary for mankind that Belshazzar and his courtiers should have but their day, or rather their night; but, when the handwriting on the wall makes its appearance, the mighty king and his court cannot well be expected to welcome it.


There is comfort and satisfaction for a benevolent and thoughtful mind in the reflection that the sanatory arrangements of the universe are as wonderful as any of the other arrangements in it; but for men and nations whose habits and feelings are involved in the existence and perpetuation of what is opposed to them and inconsistent with them, these arrangements cannot but be felt to act often in a harsh, peremptory, ruthless, unsparing manner.


It is well, however, to accustom ourselves to look at them in the proper light, namely, as beneficent, not only that we may not miss or misread a great deal which is written for our learning in the pages of history, but that in the changing fashions of our theology we may be always mindful of one thing, to recognize God as not a God of the dead but of the living. (J. Service, D. D.)

This post parallels with Bri's post in another document on this site, his is a poem found in the "wisdom school" I think.


Parallel (dictionary.com): comparable in direction, course, nature, or tendency to something else

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YES!! A God of the living, perpetually doing something new. Christianity should shed its skin in each generation, holding onto the life-giving internal organs and ditching the dry and crusty exteriors, reinventing itself in line with the God of the new. Punk Rock Christianity yo!


This open-handed willingness to let go is a theme that runs through Switchfoot's new album. The paradox of Reality is that in dying we find life, in giving we receive, in letting go we get. So this applies to previous identities as well as our old vested interests that wash away with the freshness of the new Flow.


It's a beautiful perspective to see this whole process as beneficent and to trust it. I guess in addition the thing the author mentioned: our vested interests in what is, is the very real addition of pain. Dying hurts! What's up with that? Maybe it can hurt less psychologically if we're open to surrender, but for some reason there is still a violence to the world that 1} either wasn't chosen by God, or 2} means that God has both aspects of the yin yang.


Conversations like this can bring such insight, direction, and perspective to the inevitable metamorphosis. So thanks for this!

The Lion King knows what's up!


I’ve been taught that evil is in the world because of our choices, and not gods Will because jGod loves us so much

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My mom and I just had a long conversation about this today. And ya, that’s what were taught. But does that make sense? To me that just pushes back the answer. Then the question becomes: well why did God author an option for choice that results in this thing called evil? Evil still then has to be in the mind/creative capacity of God.

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