Jun 18, 2017

The Metaphysical Layer of Life


Ok there is another REALM that exists! And the crazy thing is that cultures have always known this! How do they keep a lid on it?! Oh the power of propaganda!


You can access this realm through:


Psychology - a journey through the personal subconscious into the Collective Unconscious


Lucid Dreaming - an interaction with the DMT neurotransmitter that allows your consciousness to have an OBE and transcend the dimensions of time and space


Entheogenic Drugs - Shaman and magicians have always used plant medicine to commune with the spirit world


Mysticism - A reorienting of the ego and gaze into the territory of ego-death can put you in touch with the Transcendent Other


I've had experience in all of the spheres above. What have your guys' experiences been?



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