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The Malleability of Reality

It's Ours to Mould

Where to start? Ok, how about here. Cos "none of us are all there, but all of us are all here." How do we know what we know? Let's get epistemological in the house.

Is it cos we were taught stuff by other people who were taught stuff? If you woke up from a dream and were asked, “Who taught you the plot line?”, what would you say? “But they were all saying the same thing,” you’d retort. Sure they were.

Let’s look at our programming.

Language itself is a way of framing our thought into concepts that others have devised in order to select certain areas of attention and ignore others. What we've been taught is similar. Sum 41 says, "Forget what we know, it's just a big show, that they want to control." Yet I'm not even talking conspiracy theory here, I'm talking about the foundations on which our knowledge is based. What's the criteria? Testability? Would you believe a 13th century inhabitant's thoughts on human nature despite them believing the sun revolves around the earth? Neither view was testable at the time; both were anthropocentric. Can you see your own irises unaided? The history of human thought has been a series of paradigm shifts. Don't you think we're in store for one now?

Maybe you’d say, “well we have an objective reality cos people agree.” But that’s just what society is: mutual consensus! Wanna drive on the right? Come to the Californian West Coast. The left? Hit up South Africa’s West Coast: Cape Town. Wanna sleep for a few hours in the middle of the business day? Then move to Spain and join the siesta fiesta. Wanna have as many wives as you want? Join the early Mormon movement. Multiple husbands? Move to northern India. Or have free everything including food, love, and housing? San Francisco in the 60's is where it's at.  What do you want right now? Are you sure we can't just make it that way if we all agree?

You may say that values and society are cognitively conditioned but matter and science are not. Hmmm.

Even without frameworks like panpsychism or quantum physics, let’s just talk about experience/phenomenology. Maybe we say we believe things cos we experience them. But in the same way that language filters direct experience, so do our preconceptions, apparatus, and habitual lenses. Can you see ultraviolet light? Let's take the natural and "supernatural" categorical distinctions for example. Would a person in the Middle Ages who experienced data being transferred through the air in invisible streams of wifi consider it magic? Science can measure it now but didn’t have the instrumentation then. Now it’s natural; then it was “supernatural.” Do you believe there is still stuff left for science to discover? Every day we experience a world that is deeply mysterious to science. Science is a powerful tool, but you can't eat a hammer.

"Everything is magic," my friends, as Angels and Airwaves says. In the Information Age we have the power to transmit magically transformative consciousness consensuses with the click of a button. Even before things click, I'm gonna click The clicking snowball effect is ready to begin when we initiate it. Are you?

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