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Enchanted Mental Health

Enchanted mental health huh?

Well yes, mental health can be exactly that!

And it can be exactly the opposite too.

Hi guys, Josh is the name, and I’ve been to the extremes of both of these states of mind. Repeatedly. Badly. To the point of psychiatric hospitalization…

Six times. Involuntarily.

I’m now a mental health professional who specializes in the spiritual side of the mind. We can talk about my experience and education later.

But here we go, let’s start off with cordialities and ease our way into this stuff.

Nice weather we’re having…

(And we can weather the storms of life in vibrant color if we’re looking through the right lenses.)

Where are you from?

I’m from South Africa, the “Rainbow Nation” with eleven official languages.

(And a language is a conceptual system, so 11 x 11 of those will be in this written equation.)

Loving being here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

(That’s exactly what it is, and yet these attributes need to be nurtured, evolved, and owned. I believe in you, I believe in us!)

So let’s start talking about why this series might matter to you. Well for starters, you’re reading really well if you got to this point, congrats on that. It means you have a mind. We all do. And yet the human mind is one of the most mysterious and misunderstood aspects of our cosmos. And sometimes the mind can get really intense. Push us into corners and jump out at us and lift veils and all sorts of unexpected stuff. It’s very common, and one in five people have a serious mental health crisis in a given year. One in five, that’s a lot…like 1.4 billion people globally each year. It means you know someone who goes through this, if it’s not you yourself.

Another reason you may care is that we’re in the midst of a revolution. A multi-faceted revolution that makes the Industrial Revolution look like sand castles. And this revolution is happening largely in the mind. In our ideas about how society works. How work, information, social connection, data, government, privacy, money, and family work. There is a metamorphosis going on around us, and it can be uncomfortable to dissolve what is known to make way for the new. Covid has dramatically increased the need for mental health discussions, and it’s encouraging to see that they’re happening more and more in the spotlight.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste,” Winston Churchill said. And so we won’t. We’re going to delve into this world in our mind, and mine treasures of vibrant value, dynamic duplicity, and profound purpose.

Next time we are going to be talking about existential depression, meaning, and purpose. Cos rain can provide nourishment, and nourished we shall be!

Til then my friends.

(Nice to meet you.)

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