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The Spectrum of Consciousness

Think Outside the Lines

Yes, loving it you guyz!! I love your open minds and engagement as we take a step back from the matrix. Let’s begin talking about the boundaries of these open minds of ours, cos they’re key parts in the construction of the mutual realities discussed in the last post. I’m gonna claim that there are frequencies of consciousness that are as real as any other, but have been tuned out by conditioning. Check it out:

Spectrums seem to be the way in which frequencies are dispersed in the universe. The rainbow is the visible light spectrum with the infrared and ultraviolet frequencies being invisible on either side. Yet we know that X-rays, which come after ultraviolet, affect us physically and can cause cancer. Just cos they’re not detectable with our senses, doesn’t mean they’re not real. With sound we have the same thing: an audible band of frequencies beyond which animals can hear but we can’t. But did you know that kids can hear frequencies we can’t? Ya it’s this selective attunement thing I was taking about in my last post. We’ve conditioned ourselves to adapt to consensus reality (which as we recall, is defined by *us*} and our subconscious filtration mechanisms are tuning out the vast majority of the stimuli we encounter each day.

So let’s take the (so-far} unanimous opinion from the poll I posted 2 posts back that decided, “Reality is all in our minds,” and expand the frontiers of our reality by loosening the borders of our mind. The combination of two quotes is helpful here: Buddha said, “the mind is everything; what you think you become.” And Freud said, “the mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water.” So by making the unconscious conscious, new possibilities of mutual becoming are possible that can expand our reality by 86%! (Sounding a bit like the percentage of the brain that isn’t utilized?}

In the same way that unrecognizable sounds are selectively disregarded by the attention conditioning of caregivers when babies are learning to talk, frequencies of thought that aren’t attuned to the current mass consensus are trimmed from conscious awareness. Whereas 65% of kids have an imaginary friend, any adults who do are sent to the psych ward involuntarily (something I’ll be talking a lot about}. I once looked after a man on his deathbed in England who was visited each day by “pygmies from Africa,” his deceased relatives, and all sorts of other creatures who showed him this lake that it was his destiny to sail across when he passed. So the frequencies are prominent at both ends of the spectrum of life: birth and death. Why do we go dim in the middle?

There is a ton more to say about this, and a framework of the conscious mind on a spectrum/continuum with the subconscious, then the unconscious, then the collective unconscious is a framework I’ll be using a lot to map out the topography of these forgotten and magical domains. But try this: tonight when you’re going to sleep, keep one part of your mind watchful. You may start to be aware of plot lines and characters, possibly even hear voices, that really don’t seem to be coming from your own “self.” And if they are “just your imagination,” then watch how unprecedented and wise your autonomous imagination can be; geniuses like Edison, Jefferson, Einstein, and Tesla have all used this to their advantage. Sleep well my friends, and wake even better…

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